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random_40's Journal

Random 40
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Random 40
Welcome to random_40 another themed writing challenge. Have you ever thought about joining a writing challenge but found the idea of writing a set number of fics for the same fandom or pairing a bit daunting? The idea behind random_40 is to allow participants to pick a prompt table and then to write a story for each prompt without having to have a specific claim.

01. You must be a member of the community in order to participate. Once you have joined the community, select a prompt table of your choice and then sign up at this post.

02. Since there are no set claims, participants are allowed to focus on a different fandom for each prompt should they wish. As well, participants are also allowed to write for the same fandom for each prompt if they want to.

03. Participants are allowed to write original fiction as well as original characters within existing fandoms.

04. random_40 accepts all ratings, pairings, and genres. Please ensure that when you are posting your stories to the community that you are using appropriate warnings.

05. When posting, you can link back to the your journal provided that your journal is not locked. All links to locked journals or members-only communities, will be deleted.

06. When posting, please use the following header:

If you are posting to the community, please put your fic under a lj-cut.

07. The minimum word count is 100 words per prompt. There is no maximum word count.
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